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Modern Church

is an international society promoting liberal theology.

Founded in 1898 to defend liberalism in the Church of England, we now work ecumenically to encourage open, enquiring, non-dogmatic approaches to Christianity.

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Annual conference

A Liberating Spirit? Exploring Spirituality for the 21st Century

Monday 14 to Thursday 17 July 2014

at High Leigh, Hoddesdon, Herts

High Leigh Conference Centre

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Modern Believing

The journal of liberal theology

New publisher: Liverpool University Press


Current issue: What British people really think
Guest Editor: Linda Woodhead


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Making Sense of Christianity books

Making Sense of Christianity

Short books offering credible responses to difficult Christian topics

Together in Hope book

Together in Hope

Booklets on responding to 21st century challenges to Christian faith



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Recent items

Hard work is not a virtue

David Cameron

In an article in the Church Times Prime Minister David Cameron wrote about "the Christian values of responsibility, hard work, charity, compassion, humility, and love". Jonathan Clatworthy argues that he should not be allowed to get away with this redefinition of Christianity

Resurrection and kingdom

Empty tomb

Forget whether it is scientifically possible. The Resurrection can still be a positive sign about the Kingdom of God. Blog post by Jonathan Clatworthy

Hell: the worst theory ever


Jonathan Clatworthy responds to an email and video received. How much damage does fear of hell do?

African murders and the Archbishop’s dilemma

Justin Welby in radio station

We can sympathise with Justin Welby's concern for African Christians threatened by opponents of gay marriage. But how should church leaders respond? Blog post by Jonathan Clatworthy

On giving the dead a good send-off


Why does it matter so much to us to dispose of the dead in a way that reflects their lives? Blog post by Jonathan Clatworthy

Degenerate atheism


Nietzsche was more consistent than his present day successors: atheism cannot justify modern liberal values. Blog post by Jonathan Clatworthy

Statins and the divine plan

bottle of tablets

Medical intervention for preventive health: what does it say about our attitudes to God's plans? Blog post by Anthony Woollard

Life after life


Out-of-the-body experiences: what do they tell us? Blog post by Lorraine Cavanagh

Statins and profits


My experience leaves me in no doubt that statins have side-effects. Those who deny it are probably influenced by the profit motive; and behind that lies a dubious model of health.

Paying the price of political apathy


Lorraine Cavanagh reflects on the development of children's responsibility, and the need for reasoned passion.