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It provides news and information about Modern Church and offers members an opportunity to communicate with each other in print.

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No. 64 - January 2017

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Editorial: Handing on the legacy
Anthony Woollard
Do we need a new Reformation?
Paul Brett
How the Bath Conference evolved
David James
Reclaiming mission from the edge
David Driscoll
Meet our new Book Reviews Editor
Chris Savage
Review: That was the Church that was, by Andrew Brown & Linda Woodhead
John Saxbee
Review: Sceptical Christianity: Exploring Credible Belief by Robert Reiss
David Simon
Review:  119 -  My life as a bisexual Christian by Jaime Sommers
Chris Savage
In Memoriam: Paddy Lewin
Jonathan Clatworthy
Student Sunday 2017
News from the Student Christian Movement

No. 65 - April 2017

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Editorial: The dark ages
Anthony Woollard
The Janus-like role of Modern Church in exposing a myth about reason
Brenda Watson
PCN Britain 2nd Marcus Borg Memorial Lecture presented by Robin Meyers
Christine Alker
In memoriam: Joan Dorrell
Rosalind Lund
Sermon: ‘What if...’
Humphrey Prideaux
Review - Holy silence: The gift of Quaker spirituality by J Brent Bill
Rebekah Hanson
Review - Out of the silence: Memories, poems, reflections by Terry Waite
Tim Purchase
Review: Re-enchanting the activist: Spirituality and social change by Keith Hebden
Keith Thomasson
Observations from the Student Christian Movement at Modern Church Council
Ellis Tsang, SCM Fundraising & Communications Officer.

No. 66 - July 2017

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Editorial: The dilemmas of leadership
Anthony Woollard
Being human in the twenty first century
Robert Baldwin
Window on the world: Are we still a Christian country?
Anthony Woollard
Review - The gift of leadership: According to the Scriptures by Steven Croft
Vanessa Herrick
Review - The reluctant leader by Peter Shaw and Hilary Douglas
Michael Goater
Review - The parish handbook by Bob Mayo, Cameron Collington & Rt Revd David Gillett by Bob Mayo, Cameron Collington & Rt Revd David Gillett
Douglas Holt
Review - The Church cannot remain silent: Unpublished letters & other writings by Oscar Romero
Colin Brady
Review - Setting the captives free: The Bible & human trafficking by Marion Carson
Peter Varney
Review - Jesus & the Holocaust by Joel Marcus
Edward James
Future annual conferences
Anthony Woollard

No. 67 - October 2017

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Editorial: Happy New Year?
Anthony Woollard
Much-needed theological tonic
Helen Burnett
The Trinity – a gentle commendation
Adrian Thatcher
Christology in a world of many faiths
Robert Reiss
Inspiring further reading
David Storey
My vision for Modern Church
Jonathan Draper
Leadership and vision
Brenda Watson
Remembering Bishop Geoffrey Rowell
Chris Savage
Review - A Good Year ed. Mark Oakley
David Driscoll
Review: The Christian Experience: An Introduction to Christianity by Michael Molloy
T Derrick Witherington
Review: Worshiping with The Anaheim Vineyard by Andy Park, Lester Ruth and Cindy Rethmeier
Janette Jolly

Editorial by Anthony Woollard
from Signs of the Times No. 64 - Jan 2017

Our last edition went to press just as we heard of the death of someone who, though not active in Modern Church, had a truly significant impact on us and on the whole Church.

I refer, of course, to David Jenkins.

Paul Brett reports on a recent conference seeking to reconnect today’s church with today’s world
from Signs of the Times No. 64 - Jan 2017

Aware that October 2017 sees the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s 95 Theses, a group of Modern Church members arranged a day conference in Bath to begin to explore the current state of the churches and to seek ways forward. We called it ‘Do we need a new Reformation?’

On Saturday 15th October those present were confronted with a hard-hitting keynote address from Lorraine Cavanagh, writer and former university