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No. 68 - January 2018

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Anthony Woollard
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David James
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Jonathan Clatworthy

Editorial by by Anthony Woollard
from Signs of the Times No. 68 - Jan 2018

‘It’s all just theology’, we are told - and ‘theology’ by definition has little or no relevance to everyday life.

Theologians, it is said, are people who argue about how many angels can fit on the point of a pin. It was courageous, therefore, for our General Secretary Jonathan Draper to argue in our last edition that Modern Church’s role is first and foremost as a theological resource.

by David James
from Signs of the Times No. 68 - Jan 2018

On Saturday 21st October, Modern Church South West arranged a study morning entitled ‘Reading through Mark’.

The speaker was Canon Chris Burdon, a group member, who was Director of Lay Training in the Diocese of Chelmsford and rearranged the New Testament syllabus there. He also wrote ‘Stumbling on God: Faith and vision in Mark’s Gospel’, and was thus well qualified to address the subject.