Modern Believing

Revd Jonathan Clatworthy
Reviews Editor
Revd Dr Michael Brierley, priest-in-charge, Tavistock and Gullworthy, Diocese of Exeter
Assistant Editor
Revd Anthony Freeman

Modern Believing is the journal of Modern Church. It publishes articles in Theology and related disciplines to promote theological liberalism.

Modern Believing has a century long record of contributions from church leaders, established theologians, and newly-emerging theological minds. It is committed to high academic standards and to high accessibility, and it values each equally. It seeks to promote a critical, creative and constructive spirit in theological enquiry. It provides opportunities for new voices in the Academy and in the Church to become heard.

Modern Believing is published quarterly and indexed in the ATLA religion database.

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Vol 55:1  Jan 2014 - Editor: Jonathan Clatworthy

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What British People Really Think

Special issue of Modern Believing guest edited by Linda Woodhead


What people really think about abortion

What people really think about the family

What people really think about same-sex marriage

What people really think about euthanasia

What people really think about God, authority and religion

What people really think about economic and political issues

Conclusion: A values profile of Great Britain today