by Simon Tebbutt
from Signs of the Times No. 19 - Oct 2005

It has been my privilege to have known William Frend for all of forty years, first as a distant academic and finally as a fellow priest in the Peterborough Diocese.

The Times obituarist had it entirely right when he said:

"He was humbly delighted to be accepted for ordination training on retirement from academe.  He was made deacon in 1982 and ordained in 1983. From 1984-90 he served as priest-in-charge  of the Barnwell group of parishes in the diocese of Peterborough. He admitted that he found it difficult  to get the hang of the liturgy, but he took his pastoral duties seriously and was well liked in his parishes.  He expressed a genuine astonishment at finding himself expected to stand in a pulpit and guide others ('far better chaps than I am') in the Christian life."

But he had just that mixture of authority and homeliness that his people loved.

by Patrick Lewin
from Signs of the Times No. 19 - Oct 2005

Patrick Lewin's love affair with America began in 1937, and since 1962 it has been his home from home. Most unattributed quotations are from major American newspapers.

'And it came to pass at the seventh time, that he said, Behold, there ariseth a little cloud out of the sea, like a man's hand.'

On August 13 Tropical Depression No 10 formed briefly east of the Leeward Islands but failed to organize, said the US National Weather Service. On August 23 unstable moist air left over from No 10 turned into Tropical Depression No 12 near the Bahamas. Tropical storm watches were issued for Florida, but computer models showed it was still weak and disorganized and might curve out to sea.

by Richard Hall
from Signs of the Times No. 19 - Oct 2005

These conferences have both delved into the mystery of religious belief.

The theme in 2004 was The God Experience and the papers suggested to me that religious experiences (or at any rate some of them) cannot be lightly dismissed as auto-suggestion or some sort of psychological phenomenon: they affect many people quite significantly and there is a distinct possibility that they are of God. What we did not get (rightly in my view) was any attempt to explore in a systematic scientific way the mechanics of what goes on when people have these experiences, and perhaps I did come away with a feeling that normal standards of intellectual rigour had been slightly compromised.

by Helen Holmes
from Signs of the Times No. 19 - Oct 2005

Having seen the MCU Conference leaflet in the library at Heythrop College, where I am studying an MA in Psychology of Religion at the University of London, I was excited to have the opportunity of discovering more about MCU and the current debates around religion and science.

I received a very warm welcome from Elizabeth Darlington and Jonathan Clatworthy at High Leigh and I knew from then on that this was going to be an enriching experience. I was soon involved with helping organise the conference, and I was pleased to meet Keith Ward in person after all those years of studying his books, during my philosophy and theology degree. Here was the man responsible for months of brain-teasing activity!

by David Taylor
from Signs of the Times No. 19 - Oct 2005

ONE WISHES, first of all, that the House Bishops would learn to express their thoughts in recognizable English, rather than in the deliberately vague 'Spiritualese' that they always adopt on these occasions.

There is a great deal in this document that has no real meaning at all, and seems deliberately intended not to have, the aim to all appearances being to keep evangelicals quiet while hinting to the rest of us that the bishops don't necessarily agree with them.