Jesus was not mainstream

The consecration of Jonathan Pryke, curate of a Jesmond Parish Church in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, by an independent church from South Africa, has set the cat among the pigeons over here in England

We are told, rightly, that the blueprint for the official establishment (sic) of an alternative Anglican way of being Church poses a serious threat to the institution of the Church of England. But does that matter?

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How to split up the Church of England

Now that schism within the CofE looks inevitable, it's important to do it properly so that every major 'faction' can flourish on its own terms.

These are the six groups which are naturally emerging, and this my dream of how they might flourish...

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Is Jesus the way?

This is a sermon on a passage from John’s Gospel, 14:1-14. It’s the lectionary reading for this coming Sunday and I’m posting it in advance in case any other preacher wants to pinch bits.

In Christian circles this passage is often quoted, for a variety of conflicting reasons.

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Why Christians should vote for a different government. 5) Food

This post is part of a series summarising some of the arguments in my new book Why Progressives Need God.

Here I focus on how we treat food and how we could do it better.

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The tactical vote

According to St. John’s account of Christ’s Passion, it was expedient that one man should die for the people and that the whole nation not perish.

Whether in the Church or in society, expediency, strategy, power games in which ‘the people’ are either duped with impossible promises or blatantly used for political leverage and then discarded, point to the fact that the message is the same: ‘It is expedient’.

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