Modern Believing is Modern Church's journal, published quarterly by Liverpool University Press.

The aims of Modern Believing are

  •  to publish fresh, constructive, tradition-informed, responsible, open-minded, challenging, easily readable theology;

  •  to keep its readers in touch with recent developments in all branches of Christian theology, and with progressive accounts of Christian beliefs and doctrines, in dialogue with other disciplines.

The aims of Modern Believing are achieved, in partnership with our co-publication Signs of the Times, by

  • establishing themes for each edition, inviting articles from established and emerging scholars, 
  • publishing reviews of books, especially books which illuminate the themes of each edition,
  • and publishing edited presentations from the annual conference of Modern

Students in universities, colleges and theological institutions which subscribe to the EBSCO database, can access Modern Believing online. Subscription to the journal is included for Modern Church members.

  • Editor: Prof. Adrian Thatcher.
  • Reviews Editor: Revd Dr Michael Brierley

Current issue:

Vol 60:4 October 2019 - Editor: Adrian Thatcher




Modern Believing Editorial

Adrian Thatcher

A Sabbath's Day Walk with Two Companions: Luke and Rembrandt

Peter Liddell

The Death of God and the ‘Foolishness of the Cross’ in 1 Corinthians 1:18-2:5

Colin Eckstein

Adoption -“ A Hermeneutic to Reflect Upon the Praxis of the Church?

Andrew Large