Modern Church is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Karen O' Donnell as the new managing editor of their academic journal Modern Believing.

Dr O’ Donnell is a Research Fellow in Digital Theology and Pedagogy at the CODEC Research Centre of Digital Theology, Durham University, with strong research interests in constructive theology, trauma, and theological anthropology. She takes over the role from Revd Dr Steven Shakespearewhose last issue will be the October 2018 journal.

About Dr O’Donnell

Dr O’Donnell gained her PhD at the University of Exeter with a project focused on trauma and the Eucharist. She is currently the Secretary of the Society for the Study of Theology and a member of the board of the Centre for Marian Studies.

Her first monograph will be published in October 2018 by SCM Press, entitled Broken Bodies: The Eucharist, Mary, and the Body in Trauma Theology.

She is currently working on a book on constructive digital theology which is under contract with Bloomsbury, as well as editing a volume on Feminist and Trauma Theologies, both of which will be published in 2020.

Her research interests focus on the impact of the body on theology. She researches the impact of the traumatised body on traditional formulations of Christian doctrine and constructs theology that is more able to account for the experience of the body. Similarly, with regard to her interests in digital theology, Dr O’Donnell works at the intersection of the digital and non-digital worlds in considering their impact on traditional Christian theology.

Dr O’Donnell is a member of the editorial team working on an ambitious multi-volume encyclopedia of theology project with Bloomsbury press. The first of these volumes is due to be published in 2021.

Dr O’Donnell regularly presents her research at international conferences and in a variety of academic journals, including in a forthcoming edition of Modern Believing on Theology & Childlessness. She teaches Christian Doctrine, Constructive Theology, and workshops related to Digital Theological Education at Durham University and around the UK.

About Modern Believing

Modern Believing is the journal of Modern Church. It publishes articles in Theology and related disciplines to promote theological liberalism. Modern Believing is published quarterly by Liverpool University Press and indexed in the ATLA religion database.

Modern Believing  has a record more than a century long of contributions from church leaders, established theologians, and newly-emerging  theological minds. It is committed to high academic standards and high accessibility, and it values each equally. It seeks to promote a critical, creative and constructive spirit in theological enquiry. It provides opportunities for new voices in the Academy and in the Church to become heard.

Modern Believing is the journal of theological liberalism. It publishes articles in modern theology, practical theology, theological ethics, and in any academic area which promotes liberalism in theology and church.