Vol 55:1  January 2014 - Guest Editor: Linda Woodhead

What British People Really Think

What people really think about:
  • abortion
  • the family
  • same-sex marriage
  • euthanasia
  • God, authority and religion
  • economic and political issues
Conclusion: A values profile of Great Britain today

Vol 55:2 April 2014 - Guest Editor: Savitri Hensman

Same-sex partnerships and marriage

Blessed Companionship: A Church’s Journey
Savitri Hensman
Same-Sex Marriage as an Ascetic Practice in the Light of  Romans 1 and Ephesians 5
Eugene F. Rogers, Jr.
Most Are Straight, Some Are Gay, and Why It Is that Way: The Science of Sexual Orientation
David G. Myers
Christianity and Sexual Morality Revisited
Kenneth Ingram
Thinking about Marriage: An Excursion through Christian History
Charlotte Methuen
Love Is a Many-Gendered Thing: Gender Roles, Relationships and Trans People
Christina Beardsley

Vol 55:3  July 2014 - Editor: Anthony Freeman

The Trinity: A Liberal Account
Keith Ward
That Which We Name As God
Hugh Dawes
Don Cupitt and the Paradox of Taking Leave of God
Hugh Rock
Anglicanism Revived: A New Look at the Ecclesiology of the Church of England
Anthony Woollard
Growth and Management in the Church of England: Some Comments
Martyn Percy
Understanding the Mind of the Conservative Christian: The Work of George Lakoff
Stephen Parsons
Questioning the Bishops’ Guidance on Same Sex Marriage
Linda Woodhead with an introduction by Jonathan Clatworthy
The United Voice of Church Leaders
Niall Cooper
The Why as well as the What: Christians Should Always Aim to Ask All the Questions
Tim Thornton

Vol 55:4  October 2014 - Editor: Jonathan Clatworthy

Liberal and Proud of It!
Marilyn McCord Adams
A Future for Liberal Theology?
Martyn Percy
The Future of Liberal Theology
Keith Ward
The Future of Liberal Theology
Susannah Cornwall
The Nature and Future of Liberal Theology
Diarmaid MacCulloch
Christological Liberalism
Miranda Threlfall-Holmes
Liberal Faith – Discipleship Catholic, Evangelical and Inclusive
George Newlands
Beyond the Secular–Religious Divide, Again
Duncan Dormor
The Nature and Future of Liberal Theology
Steven Shakespeare
Liberal Christianity
John Barton
Liberal Theology: An Ecumenical Future
Thomas Hughson
The State of Liberalism
James Tengatenga
The Future of the (Liberal) Church
Mark Chapman
Why I Am Not a Liberal, but Want to be Part of a Liberal Church
Andrew Linzey