Vol 56:1  January 2015 - Editor: Jonathan Clatworthy

The Future of Society

The 2015 General Election and our Christian Contribution
John Gladwin
Civil Society, Welfare and the State
Malcolm Brown
Business Norms in a World of Capitalism Triumphant
Peter Sedgwick
Spirituality and Ecology
Martin Palmer
Peter Manley Scott
Reflecting Theologically on Health Issues
Claire Foster-Gilbert

Vol 56:2  April 2015 - Guest Editor: Paul Badham

Assisted dying: for and against the proposed legislation

A Jewish View of Assisted Dying
Jonathan Romain
Reassessing Assisted Dying: A Personal Statement
George Carey
Hans Küng’s Theses on Dignified Dying
Rosie Harper
The Dilemmas We Face Today: Assisted Dying, Life, Death, Technology and Law
Jonathan Clatworthy
Pain and Suffering in Cancer Patients
Rajesh Munglani and Arun Bhaskar
Falconer’s Revolutionary Imprudence
Nigel Biggar
A Change in the Law Needs Serious Supporting Evidence – and It Isn’t There
Robert Preston
Te Lucis Ante Terminum: A Perspective on Assisted Suicide
Michael Marsh
Assisted Dying: An International Overview
Paul Badham
The Ars Moriendi: A Practical Approach to Dying Well
Kathryn Paul
Acceptance and Resistance in a Theology of Death
Paul Fiddes

Vol 56:3  July 2015 - Editor: Anthony Freeman

A Liberating Spirit? Exploring Spirituality for the 21st Century

Generous Liberalism: A Search for our Spiritual Soul
Martyn Percy
Learning to Visit Belgium? The Need for a More Poetic Faith
Mark Oakley
Breastfeeding as an Image of Grace-Filled Service
Emma Percy
Worldly Spirituality
Dave Bookless
The Spirit of 'Generation A': Older Laywomen in the Church
Abby Day
Mindfulness: A Buddhist–Christian Fusion
Tim Stead
Why Silence isn't 'Doing Nothing', and Why it Might be All Right to do Nothing: Spiritual Challenges from Silent Worship to Contemporary Culture
Rachel Muers

Vol 56:4 October 2015 - Editor: Jonathan Clatworthy

Vatican II at 50

Vatican II at Fifty — And Now?
Massimo Faggioli
Vatican II: Francis and Reception
Thomas Hughson
The Influence of Vatican II on Anglican Liturgy
Christopher Hill
New Departures in Baptist Theology: A Review Article
Alan P.F. Sell