Vol 57:1 January 2016 - Editor: Steven Shakespeare


Religious pluralism in 13 theses
Perry Schmidt-Leukel
How Buddhism has affected my faith
Elizabeth Harris
Paul Tillich on art
Richard Truss
Why Mark wrote a Gospel: Taking another look
Ian Wallis
Theology and psychology in dialogue
Leslie Francis
God and Mrs Thatcher: A review article
Martyn Percy

Vol 57:2 April 2016 - Editor: Anthony Freeman


On the limits of finding human identity in the brain
Shaun Gallagher
Philosophy of mind in our time
William Lyons
The emergent self
Philip Clayton
A materialist view of human persons and belief in the afterlife
Kevin J Corcoran
Religion and the brain: What can science tell us about belief in God?
Michael Fuller

Vol 57:3 July 2016 - Guest Editor: Marika Rose


On Returning to the Church: Practising Religion in a Neoliberal Age
Beverley Clack
Achille Mbembe as Black Theologian
Vincent Lloyd
The Death and Decay of God: Radical Theology and Emerging Christianity
Katharine Sarah Moody
The Christian Legacy Is Incomplete: For and Against Žižek
Marika Rose

Vol 57:4 October 2016 - Guest Editor: Katharine Sarah Moody

Peter Rollins, Pyrotheology, Transformance Art and Suspended Space

Peter Rollins is a Belfast-born writer and speaker, now living in the United States, whose work is important for understanding how radical theology and radical community could shape future transformations of western Christianity.

This special issue engages critically with Rollin's key concepts of Pyrotheology, Transformance Art and Suspended Space. The authors ask if his work can help us embrace our doubt and brokenness and sit light to our inherited identities, while rekindling the fire of personal and social transformation. A response from Rollins himself makes this essential reading for those interested in the cutting edge of Christian thought and practice in the west.


Let it Blaze, Let it Blaze: Pyrotheology and the Theology of the Event
John D. Caputo
(Not Your) Grandpa’s Church Service: Pyrotheology’s Familial Resemblance to Liberal Theology and the Possibilities for Political Theology
Keegan Osinski
How (Not) to Speak of the Other: Pyrotheology and Psychoanalysis
Tad DeLay
Pyrotheology, Post-Evangelicalism and the Logic of the ‘One’
Xochitl Alvizo
Neither Male Nor Female, Christian Nor Non-Christian, Oppressor Nor Oppressed: Pyrotheology’s Pauline Politics of Identity
Katharine Sarah Moody
That Which Does Not Kill Us: Responding to Friendly Fire
Peter Rollins