Vol 60:1 January 2019 - Editor: Karen O'Donnell


Thinking Practice: Method, Pedagogy, Power and the Question of a Black Queer TheologyThinking Practice: Method, Pedagogy, Power and the Question of a Black Queer Theology

Amaryah Shaye Armstrong

Black Bisexual Queering of Antiviolence Christian Ethics

Traci C. West

Methodological Musings of an un-Sufi-sticated Scholar

Zaynab Shahar

Still Here: The Promise of Complexity and Lived Religion


Vol 60:2 April 2019 - Editor: Karen O'Donnell


Modern Believing Introduction

Allison Fenton

'Sing, O barren one who did not bear':childlessness, blessing and vocation in the Old Testament

Meg Warner

Theology and Reproductive Loss

Karen O'Donnell

Pregnancy Loss: A disturbing silence and theological wilderness 

Daniel Nuzum, Sarah Meaney, and Keelin O’Donoghue

Voluntary Childlessness and Christianity: rejecting the selfish other

Dawn Llewellyn

Post script: liturgical prayers

Belinda Davies, Allison Fenton and Karen O'Donnell


Vol 60:3 July 2019 - Editor: Miranda Threlfall-Holmes


Modern Believing 

Miranda Threlfall-Holmes

Thy Kingdom Come? Mission as reception for redeeming evangelism in the Church of England

Martyn Percy

(Not the) Good News for today

Mark Waters

If this is the answer, what is the question?

Emma Percy

Evangelism and the Five Marks of MIssion

Jonathan Draper


Vol 60:4 October 2019 - Editor: Adrian Thatcher


Modern Believing Editorial

Adrian Thatcher

A Sabbath's Day Walk with Two Companions: Luke and Rembrandt

Peter Liddell

The Death of God and the ‘Foolishness of the Cross’ in 1 Corinthians 1:18-2:5

Colin Eckstein

Adoption -“ A Hermeneutic to Reflect Upon the Praxis of the Church?

Andrew Large