Several members have advised us that they have received emails claiming to be from Modern Church which appear to be spam.

We are grateful to those who have brought this to our attention, and we would like to reassure all who have received such emails that we have taken steps to improve the security of our website and email newsletter distribution list to minimise the risk to your data privacy - Read our Data Privacy notice.

If you receive an email which appears to be from Modern Church, there are some simple steps you can take to check if it is genuine:
  1. Look at the email address which sent it to you: If it doesn't end in This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.' it is not from us. Our most commonly used email addresses start with 'office@', 'comms@', 'gensec@', 'chair@' and 'treasurer@'. Anything else is DEFINITELY NOT from Modern Church. Some of our officers may email from their personal email accounts directly to members they know.

  2. Look at the email address to which it is sent: If it doesn't display your email address correctly it is also likely to be spam.

  3. Look at the name of the organisation: If it refers to 'MCU - Modern Churchpeople's Union' it is definitely bogus as we have not used this name since 2010.

  4. If it is asking you for money: Our membership and journal subscriptions are handled by Turpin Distribution, to whom your annual membership payments are made. It is highly unlikely that we would email members requesting payment for anything else. If we had reason to, you would know about it in advance, and you would hear from our administrator or treasurer directly.

  5. If it asks you to click a link: DO NOT do this - it may ask for your personal security details or download a virus.

If you receive such an email, we recommend:
  1. blocking the sender
  2. deleting the email
  3. If still in doubt, contact us to verify it the email is genuine.

Thank you.