Signs of the Times is the quarterly newsletter of Modern Church.

Editor: Anthony Woollard

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This quarterly magazine provides news and information about Modern Church and offers members an opportunity to communicate with each other in print. Copies of Signs of the Times are sent out to members and to affiliates and churches who affiliate will receive several copies to give out.

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As of the summer 2019 issue, Sign of the Times is no longer available online though archive copies are still available on the website.

The articles we publish do not necessarily reflect a Modern Church perspective - in keeping  with our commitment to liberal theology we believe that different views should be heard.

Contact the editor if you would like to submit an article.Articles should not normally exceed 800 words.

Copies can be provided for distribution in churches and elsewhere - contact the Modern Church office for details.


In the latest edition:

No. 73 - April 2019

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Editorial: God's Jazz
Anthony Woollard
Non Realist Christian Theology: an introduction
David Simon
As we forgive
Lorraine Cavanagh
Review: Peter Shaw: The Mindful Leader
Trevor Pitt
Review: David Runcorn: The Language of Tears
Peter Varney
Review: Marcus Braybrooke: SIkhism - a Christian approach
Guy Wilkinson
Review: Mughan and Saleem: Leaving Faith Behind
Guy Wilkison
Review: Eve Poole: Buying God, Consumerism and Theology
Rebekah Hanson
Review: Thomas Jay Oord: God Can't
John Reader
Review: Andrew Rumsey: Parish, An Anglican Theology of Place
Alan Jeans