No. 12 - Jan 2004

Editorial: The pleasures of Hell
Jonathan Clatworthy
Servetus and Colenso: valiant for truth
John Bunyan
What makes a vital liberal congregation?
Martin Camroux
Blessed are those who recognise that they may not always be right
Richard Lewis

No. 13 - Apr 2004

Re-enacting gay marriage
Roger Burg
The threat of the headscarf
Anne Davison
'Reading' cohabitation
Duncan Dormor

No. 14 - Jul 2004

The future of the Anglican Communion
David L Edwards
Was it worth the hype? - On Mel Gibson's film The Passion of the Christ
Kevin Kelly
For me the angels sing
David Taylor

No. 15 - Oct 2004

'42' tribunals?
Paul Brett
A cause for shame?
Mark Rees