No. 20 - Jan 2006

Terminally Ill Bill
Paul Badham
The challenge of multi-culturalism
Anne Davison
Reflections on The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown
Jean Mayland
Church planting with menaces
Richard Truss
Partnership and Promotion: the InclusiveChurch campaign 2005
Erica Wooff
General Synod - the next five years
John Saxbee
Beauty and belief
Jim Cotter
O my God!
David L Edwards

No. 21 - Apr 2006

Editorial: The resurrection: help or hindrance to faith?
Jonathan Clatworthy
Theology in the Church
George Pattison
The Anglican liberal tradition
Paul Badham
Civil partnerships: Fulcrum and the Bishop of Bangor
Summary of a debate
Dialogue and difference
Martyn Percy
No TEA for me thank you
Jean Mayland

No. 22 - Jul 2006

Editorial: A two-tier Anglicanism?
Jonathan Clatworthy
Don't erect walls of exclusion
Paul Colton
Women bishops and gays? That's the Church for me!
Jean Mayland
St Mark's Centre for Radical Christianity
Adrian Alker
Learning from and working with other faiths
Marcus Braybrooke
Free to believe
Martin Camroux
The disappearance of science and medicine
Gillian Cooke
SCM Friends and a new book
Liam Purcell
Not how we do it in the UK
Jonathan Clatworthy

No. 23 - Oct 2006

Editorial: The dangers of certainty
Jonathan Clatworthy
'Reclothed in our rightful mind?'
Graham Blyth
Communion - first or last?
Richard Bending
The story behind my 'conversion'
David Ananda Hart
Afterthoughts on the 2006 MCU conference
Graham Hellier
Benedict XVI: The metaphysical pope and the historical church
John Mackrell
The pity and the wonder - Part 1
Patrick Lewin
A people-centred church
Richard Martin