Climate and church in Malawi

by Jonathan Clatworthy
from Signs of the Times No. 28 - Jan 2008

Regular readers of Signs of the Times will be familiar with the story. The Revd Nicholas Henderson, a parish priest in Ealing and until 2002 General Secretary of the MCU, was democratically elected Bishop of Lake Malawi in July 2005. His appointment was blocked by the Archbishop of Central Africa, Bernard Malango. The reason which Malango formally gave for rejecting the appointment was that Mr Henderson's work for the MCU showed that he was 'not of sound faith'.

This did not go down too well in some quarters! What were the real reasons? It depends who you ask, but there are close connections with conservative Anglicans in the USA and Robert Mugabe whose country, Zimbabwe, lies within the Province of Central Africa. The common theme is that both Mugabe and the American conservatives are passionate opponents of homosexuality.

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What needs to be freshly expressed?

Editorial by Jonathan Clatworthy
from Signs of the Times No. 28 - Jan 2008

A fresh expression is a form of church for our changing culture, established primarily for the benefit of people who are not yet members of any church.
It will come into being through principles of listening, service, incarnational mission and making disciples.
It will have the potential to become a mature expression of church shaped by the gospel and the enduring marks of the church and for its cultural context.

So states the Fresh Expressions website. The Church of England website adds that Fresh Expressions are 'part of Archbishop Rowan Williams' vision to create a "mixed economy church" of traditional congregations alongside new expressions of church life'.

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