No. 44 - Jan 2012

Editorial: The end of the dream?
Anthony Woollard
Jehovah's witness?
Tim Belben
Only one way?
Mary Roe
The economics of good and evil
Richard Truss
Scripture twisters
Averil Stedeford
What would Jesus occupy?
Jonathan Clatworthy
Review: The Nail, by Stephen Cottrell
Alan Wolfe
NW region conference on the Resurrection - 13 October 2011
Dick Martin

No. 45 - Apr 2012

Editorial: Innovation and a changing church
Anthony Woollard
Collegiality and conciliarity and their implications for the Covenant
Jean Mayland
A correspondence on creeds
David Storey, Anthony Woollard and Jonathan Clatworthy
Apologetics without apology
Jonathan Clatworthy
Review: The Book Of Books: The Radical Impact of the King James Bible, by Melvyn Bragg
Alan Wolfe

No. 46 - Jul 2012

Editorial: Does 'difference' make a difference?
Anthony Woollard
Same-sex marriage: A framework for analysis
David Simon
Beyond the Covenant vote
Stephen Parsons
A new Archbishop and an old or new Covenant?
Nicholas Henderson
A layperson's view of the Covenant
Alan Wolfe
A correspondence on creeds continued
Patrick Lewin, Anthony Hannay and Helen Oppenheimer
Changing the church
Dave Marshall
Reviews: A Public Faith - How Followers of Christ Should Serve the Common Good and Allah - A Christian Response, by Miroslav Volf 
Graham Hellier

No. 47 - Oct 2012

Editorial: In the midst of death we are in life
Anthony Woollard
2012: Thoughts on a conference that was and that might have been
David Storey
Thank God for rain (grrr)
Jonathan Clatworthy
Bishops in communion
Desmond Tillyer
God's women bishops
Audrey Bryant
Review: Making Sense of Faith in God, by Jonathan Clatworthy
Jeyan Anketell
Review: Making Sense of Sex, by Adrian Thatcher
Jane Fraser, Centre for the Study of Christianity and Sexuality (CSCS)
Review: Christmas: Ancient Meanings, Modern Faith, by Adrian Alker
Franklin Lee
Letters to the editor
Merryn Hellier, Graham Hellier