No. 68 - January 2018

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Editorial: The point of a pin
Anthony Woollard
Reading through Mark: South West regional day conference October 2017
David James
When praying, hang on to your fingers!
Jonathan Clatworthy
Review: The poet’s quest for God - 21st Century poems of faith, doubt and wonder ed. Brennan et al
Nicola Slee
Review: Lifeline - A Reformation pilgrimage by David Osborne
Martin Wharton
Review: Love let go - Radical generosity for the real world by Truax & Campbell
Paul Brett
Review: Listening & spiritual conversation by Sue Pickering
David Greenwood
Review: Light when it comes by Chris Anderson
Rebekah Hanson
Review: The making of humanity - poetic vision and kindness by Dinah Livingstone
David Williams
Review: The political Samaritan - How power hijacked a parable by Nick Spencer
Jonathan Clatworthy

No. 69 - April 2018

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Editorial: On the move
Anthony Woollard
God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit but not three persons
John Goodchild
Three persons, one God
Adrian Thatcher
History as past, present and future: Reflections on Hamilton
Frances Eccleston
Response to crisis: Restoring our covenant with Creation - Report on the South West Regional Day Conference, Saturday 3rd February
David James
Review: The books of John Bunyan
Chris Savage
Review: A liberal and godly Dean: A life of Edward Carpenter by Michael De-la-Noy
Marcus Braybrooke
Review: Heart of Oneness: A little book of connection by Jennifer Kavanagh
Alan Race
Review: Meeting evil with mercy: An Anglican priest’s bold answer to atrocity by Philip Pegler
Tim Purchase
Review: The authority of service and love - A recovery of meaning by Roger Payne
Alan Jeans
Review: Sing out for justice: The poetry and passion of the Hebrew Prophets by Ray Vincent
Rosemary Walters
Review: The joy of being Anglican eds. Caroline Hodgson & Heather Smith
Lorraine Cavanagh
And finally… A lightbulb moment!
Anthony Woollard

No. 70 - July 2018

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Editorial: The Church beyond the Church?
Anthony Woollard
Is a refreshed Grand Narrative for the West possible?
Brenda Watson
Ecclesiology - what’s that?
David Jennings
What did Jesus ever do for us? A meditation on the Atonement
David Simon
Angela Tilby’s column ‘Deliver us from the Evangelical takeover’ - A Sydney Anglican response
John Bunyan
Triunity as friendship
F. Gerald Downing
Sceptical Christianity: Exploring credible belief
Jonathan Draper
Review: Why progressives need God: An ethical defence of monotheism by Jonathan Clatworthy
Duncan Dormor
Review: Sacred signposts: Words, water and other acts of resistance by Benjamin Dueholm
Tim Macquiban
In memory of Alex Elsmore 1995-2018
Anthony Woollard

No. 71 - October 2018

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Editorial: In the midst of death...
Anthony Woollard
A refreshed Grand Narrative for the West: Escaping from a narrow understanding of reason
Brenda Watson
A Swedish journey towards inclusion
Sally Barnes
Review - Who is my neighbour? by Carter & Wells
Paul Brett
Review - God, improv, and the art of living by Maryann McKibben Dana
T Derrick Witherington
Review - Regaining life’s winding trail by Henry Disney
Rosalind Lund
Review - Action! A cleric off the leash by Colin Hodgetts
Bill Cave
Review - CD: Padraig O Tuama in conversation with Raymond Friel
Keith Thomasson
Review - The way of silence: Engaging the sacred in daily life by David Steindl-Rast OSB
Michael Goater
Review - The Holy Spirit and an evolving Church by James Coriden
Karen Gorham
Review - Waiting for the last bus: Reflections on life and death by Richard Holloway
by Vanessa Herrick